Acrylick Alchemical interview

What does the name Acrylick Alchemical mean?

Acrylic is to Acrylick as Magic is to Magick. I was a teenager and new to Thelema when started using Acrylick as my only internet handle. When I decided to make Occult art my main art, Alchemical seemed like a perfect companion. Everything I’m into seems to involve transformation.

What materials do you use to make your work?

Obviously I adore acrylics, as they are incredible versatile. Being the Acrylick Alchemist that I am, I experiment constantly with different techniques that allow me to use it on plywood, canvas, paper, fabric, wood, clay, latex, stone, wax…really anything. Everything is a potential art supply but Acrylick is the paint of the New Aeon.

Is there any general idea you wish to convey with all of your art? Is there any overarching theme?

Celebration of the Mind, Body and Spirit. And I do try tap into everything that also shares that message. Maybe it’s my favorite part of the Ritual… the awesome after-party.

How does the theory/philosophy & practice of Thelema influence your art?

I always felt like a very natural Thelemite because I recognized that it took from every mythos, religion or philosophy I was ever into. The bits and pieces from other ideologies, the parts that seemed to resonate Freedom, they were all in Thelema. My work is not strictly Thelemic, but then again, Thelema isn’t strictly Thelemic either.

I am the product of Bliss Following with begins with Healing. Healing means having room to breath, and I try not to repress my art or repress anyone with my art.

How do you decide the topic of your art before you start? Do you do it before you start?

It’s always different, of course. I cycle through all my favorite Motifs and Universal Blue Prints. Stuff that I need to make to balance out my own Tree of Life usually takes precedence.

I am a huge fan of sensing my way through a picture. I might not over analyze a decision to make a mostly Green picture at first because it would be jumping the gun. It might become a very Venus/Netzach based image, but I don’t want to limit it there. It might turn Purple or Orange later. Colors or subject matter, when employed, take on a life of their own and I try to respect that. I find it really works the best.

What are your major influences in art/painting?

Leonardo and Michelangelo’s work taught me more about art than any school could’ve taught me. Overwhelmed and moved by that stuff as a kid, I learned to breakdown in my mind what sort of geometry and methods were involved. I was really into classical mythology and symbolism so I looked up to these artists.

But outside of the stuff that has inspired every other artist since the dawn of time, I will have to include Musick. It’s is the single most important influence in my work. If I didn’t experience THAT Magick I don’t think I could make much at all. If I had to choose between art supplies and Musick I would probably have to paint with blood & spit from then on, because Musick moves me like nothing else.

Acrylick Alchemical is a unique artist using various mediums and covering many topics. Visit for more information.