Volume II, Number 1 (Autumn 2008)

Volume II, Number 1

autumn 2008

  • Introduction by the Editor
  • An Essay upon the Unity of all Thelemites by Frater Oz
  • “Lotus” by Jesse Lindsay
  • Equilibrium: The Basis of the Work by Jason Augustus Newcomb
  • The Will is Supra-Rational by IAO131
  • “Beastly Haunting” by Jay W. Plogger
  • The Significance of the Occult in the Modern Era by Augustus Sol Invictus
  • “Alchemical Reaction” by Jesse Lindsay
  • Kenneth Grant, Crowley, and Dr. Black: Magick, Smoke, and Mirrors by Dr. Dave Evans
  • The Writings of V. by Frater Victus

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